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An Old Lady Beat Me With Her Cane at the DNC

I’m gonna tell this #DNC story.

So. The Hillary folks were a little… radical
In their own ways.

I remember this little old lady .. permed and tight hair… nicely knit little sweater with beads and those black no slip shoes …the thing that stuck out was that she was ..



Little Old Hillary lady, in a wheelchair… being pushed while she is hitting people with her cane.

Fast forward two days and I’m walking out of my hall and WHO IS IT?!?! My little geriatric cane lady… absolutely STRUGGLING to get past the hallway to her wheelchair.

Allllll those Hillary hats and pins just flowing like a river, suits and expensive purses pushing past Not asking to help the older ones.

It’s absolute madness, she tries to take another step to cross the hall when an entourage of seven People and a congressman come waltzing by at a fast pace knocking ol girl off balance and causes her to stumble back … where I promptly caught her from falling and asked if she would like me to get her wheelchair for her because I was concerned she was going to fall and people were going to keep walking.

“oh thank you , oh thank you, I just can’t get there…” she says as she is turning around to face me …then she looked at me …really looked at me …and she Remembered.

Exactly. Who. I. Was. And. What. She. Did.

She started blushing and I hastily Went to get her chair, she sat in it and I got her all Ready and then she asked timidly… “honey……will you take
Me down to the other door where my friends are?”

We took off down the hall and I dropped her off with her friends.

My lesson: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you … even if they already wacked you with a cane.