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From: My Family & Petunia The Possum…


  • Adopt an elderly neighbor, church member, or assisted care facility – spread some cheer! If it is an assisted care facility – they LOVE SINGING just check with nurses to make sure there are no dietary restrictions. If you have a neighbor or a lonely friend, why not let them ring in the new year at your house.
  • SHARE THAT FOOD!! There are hungry kids in San Antonio, donate to the food bank and unused canned and nonperishable goods, head on over to a soup kitchen and help serve hot meals to the homeless. Bean and Rice are always good options.
  • CLEAN OUT THAT CLOSET – Do your kids have five jackets that fit snug? Or baby clothes? Give them DIRECTLY to someone who needs them – please check your mom groups on facebook. I don’t care if you catch one mom reselling the jackets, there will always be that “one” but INTENT, is what matters. The Intent in your heart
  • Donate To A Cause, Candidate, or Organization – You could even donate in someone else’s name …..  COUGH
  • Offer to Help A Friend / Neighbor – If you ask “is there anything that I can help you with ?” you would be surprised at the outcomes if all else fails you both got a nice conversation out of it!