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“If you don’t believe in climate change why did you let that man perform open heart surgery on you!?”

You know what drives me CRAZY?!

This is a Rant: Hypocrites. Hypocrites absolutely make me bonkers. If there are 56 monsoons – and 83 tornados – 5 CAT5 hurricanes – and Jesus is doing absolutely EVERYTHING TO REENACT AN ACTION MOVIE ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE …Maybe just MAYBE there is something more to the whole “global warming thing”.

People are still over here like “…Nah. It’s a government conspiracy.” or “Stupid liberal tree hugging hippies!”… and yet they are totally driving heavy machinery literally functioning on a liquid it took science to figure out. Walking around with their scientist created pace maker that literally had to stick in your beating heart…with SCIENCE…. buttttt nooooooooooo they gotta be selfish selfish and lie to themselves…”Humans didn’t do anything!”.