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Amy Vilela, Profit Over People, & Medicare For All

No One Should Have To Lose A Child Due to Lack of Healthcare.

Amy Vilela suffered the tragic loss of her daughter, simply because she did not have health insurance. I listen to her speak of holding her daughter as she passed of something that could have been taken care of, had they not refused care. This is the real cost of profit over people, Human Lives.

In 1989, enacted as part of Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA), Congress passed the Emergency Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) that prohibits a practice commonly known as “patient dumping.” The act gives individuals the right to emergency care regardless of their ability to pay. This is a federal law and applies to hospitals that participate in Medicare.

Amy Vilela – has dedicated her life after her personal tragedy to F.i.g.h.t for others so that this doesn’t happen to other families. This is a heartbreaking yet motivational sermon of a momma turned her frustration and anger into FIGHTING for others access to Healthcare.

Prepared, Ready, and Passionate – Amy is coming at the Healthcare battle from all sides, this ol’ girl is running a smashing campaign in Nevada as a Congressional Candidate , on a platform truly for the people! If that isn’t dedication and I don’t know what is, I have so much love and respect for her.

“We don’t have time to wait around for career politicians, their donors or special interests to do the right thing. We need bold action, now. We need representatives in Washington that understand the stakes of this fight and who will never stop advocating for the people.”

What I Learned Growing Up: It’s not right for others to die because they simply – can’t afford to live. The way I viewed it: “How does this not *inherently* put some form of price on life?.” It wasn’t until recently that I come to understand this concept- in a new, more intimate and horrifying way. The kind of way you just “don’t get, until ya done it or been through it.” – type thing.

When it Happens to Someone you know: A family member was a life or death situation that called for immediate medical action – to even hear she didn’t get care, and the highly proficient / best care- at that, is pretty much unfathomable. Anyone in our family would have flown off the handle and demanded it and – I think they would have complied. To be completely honest, her stroke was a very serious situation. Everyone is thankful just to still have her.

When it Happens to You: I was not in a “life or death” situation like Shalynne or my cousin, I was told calmly in an office, on the late side – but it wasn’t going to devastate my family overnight. I feel guilty I had it easy compared to them. Per Insurance – I had to drop $2000 before they would even do my procedure. I didn’t even think about it, I was just going through the motions: I Have a Husband, I Have a Child, I’m only 27.  At the end of the night I still thought about women who didn’t have access or the funds and found myself sick to my stomach. Listening to her story.. what she had to go through…pulled my heart as a mother- I couldn’t imagine, and as someone going through my own motions.

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