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Star Wars Kids Bedroom

[2jgallery undefined]As much as I am here to talk about politics… because I honestly can barely have a conversation without bringing politics up… I’m also a wife and a momma and some days – it seems like a zookeeper.


For our sons 4th Birthday we decided to decorate his room. We chose Star Wars.

Most of the wall art was purchased from Target. The bed frame was like $131.00 off, which is where I also purchased his bedding. The back blue part of the bed, is reversible, it can be switched to pink. I personally think one of those pink/purple/cosmic scapes painted on that part would be awesome. We used a left over decal that said ” STAR WARS” and slapped it back there.

The blue paint, came from LOWES. To keep it from being “too dark” we only painted the one wall.

The fatheads – R2D2 and C3PO, and the large CUSTOM name decal were also purchased from Amazon, but different companies. We – being avid STAR WARS fans, are completely aware you are either a Master or a Jedi Knight ….the real test is for our kid to notice. For then the FORCE has most definitely been passed on….like his father before him.