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The Childish Games of the Democratic Pundits

By Sofia Sepulveda

There should be only one reason to look forward to 2018, and it is not because 2017 is over. It is because of the chances we have of taking back the Senate, and even possibly replace some center of the road Democrats –who are not bringing ANYTHING to the fight- with progressive Candidates.

We saw the damage the Trump administration has caused, the DACA repeal, Travel Ban, Climate Change denying, the Tax Bill that repealed the individual mandate, forcing ACA pretty much into the abyss. I also see a Democratic house in tremendous disarray, Hillary this, Bernie this (full disclosure, I am a Bernie Sanders supporter) but to all of you who continue bickering over one or the other, I tell you one thing. PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS!

The Media also seems to be losing its grip “Russia, RUSSIA!” they keep on screaming and even though there are some things that make you wonder, the truth of the matter is that there is NO tangible proof that the Russia narrative is even true. Take the “Proof” that link Donald Trump, Jr. with Wiki-Leaks “Secret” email. Turned out it was all a farce, it was debunked a few days after WaPo broke the story, this is truly getting out of hand. We look like conspiracy theorists trying to connect the dots on places we are now creating in our heads, take Jill Stein, she is now under investigation for possible “Coalition” with the Kremlin. She just ran on the Green Party ticket, but the MSM seems dead-set in seeking impeachment via Russia Coalition.

In the meantime, our rights, everything that we have been working so hard for, are being chipped away.

The Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is now on life-support, even though Congress passed the bill, they did not pass funding for the program, which will run out of money comes February 2018, already one state has run out of money.

Net Neutrality was also repealed, the one thing that prevented ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) from dictating what you can or cannot watch, or whose website you will have access first over another, affecting mainly small businesses, is now gone. Ajit Pai, the Chair of the FCC refused to turn over information to the NY District Attorney, regarding False Comments on their website.

DACA is still not in sight of being passed. Democratic Leaders, rather than support a Clean Dream Act, which will ensure full citizenship to our Immigrant Comrades and their families; opted instead, to support HR 3440, which is a temporary patch to cover the wound that our family, friends, coworkers are suffering from. This bill will allow our immigrant community to stay without persecution but forces them to pay every two years, money that they sometimes cannot afford.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was also in the verge of being repealed though if it weren’t for activists around the country sitting in and demanding they do not get rid of it, this sprung up several marches across the country in support of Medicare for all. (Which were not covered by the MSM)

The tax bill, as mentioned beforehand, repealed the individual mandate which will have severe repercussions on our current healthcare system. This disasterious bill is also the largest transfer of wealth from the middle and low income to the top in 30 years.

Yet the one thing that is getting more air on prime time TV, especially the number one liberal pundit “The Rachel Maddow show” all they keep mentioning is “Russia.” Apparently, there is no other news worth mentioning other than Russia Conspiracy theories.

This is an epic distraction from the real issues that are happening around us, such as Climate Change that the now President Trump refuses to address, or the Iran Nuclear deal they refuse to follow. Or even the lack of support for a Clean Dream Act from our Democratic congress folks.

This brings me back to the fight between the Clintons, and the Berners. I might be biased, so far, the only man going out there an fighting for our rights (what little we have left) is Bernie Sanders. No, I am not going to say he is better than her (You make your own conclusions, as I have my own) but quite frankly, we should not turn our backs on the people who are fighting to retain our rights and our programs that mostly benefit the poor, working poor, and middle class.

This is what the right is really hoping for, a fractured nation where none of us (which usually agree with about 80% of the policies Medicare For All, College and State University Tuition Free, Livable wage, Ending Police Brutality, getting rid of Private Prison Complex, etc) can unify and come back in force comes 2018.

There are candidates out there that are rather centrist, but in contrast, we have real progressive candidates (emphasis on REAL PROGRESSIVES) that are fighting to make this America, an America for the people not for the oligarchs, which has been happening since the Reagan era, and no Democratic president has fought to stop it. These are the consequences. A Trump presidency that was able to galvanize one against the other in order to take power and then only look after the very people he said he was going to fight.

Do we want a weak democratic candidate running against a lying republican for senate?

Why are we afraid to call out the very people that represent us?

In order to move forward we…

  • A) Have to come together, and
  • B) Begin holding EVERYONE accountable, (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc)
  • C) Demand they do better for we, the people.