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The Progressive Talk Launch


For far too many years, most people look at politics as a spectator “sport,” so to speak. We hope that we will motivate others to become participants in the process. Abraham Lincoln said that the only way to change public policy is to change public sentiment.

Knowledge is Power, and we believe we live in an unfettered infinite capitalist society, with a finite resource and people in proverbial chains, turning the gears while the 1% dictate history.

Join us every Wednesday evening at 8 PM EST as we Talk with Progressive Activists who will stand up with us as we speak truth to power, encourage the involvement of all in our communities, and bring voices to the people where they have had none before.

The Hosts

Caden Summers (yours truely)
If you didnt already know I am a Native Arkansan now living life as a Texan. Progressive Activist, Blogger, and Bernie Sanders National Delegate. I am particularly fond of Nina Turner, Saving Clips from C-SPAN of Congress Passing Exactly What They Say They Won’t, Dismantling the Patriarchy, Ending Rape Culture, Researching Laws & Legislation, and Vulgar Cross-stitch. You can check out my podcast at , Southern Fried Socialist. My goal is to make political and civic engagement more relatable through the study of our history and government.

Tamara Johnson Shealey
Tamara is a 2018 Candidate for the Georgia State Senate. Tamara has run twice and is only 7% away from winning in a gerrymandered district. Tamara is the Founder and President of The Concerned Beauty Professionals and Founder and Senior Advocate of Politics Beauty, organizations to educate Licensed Beauty and Barber Professionals and protect consumers.

Bev Cowling
Infused with a passion for liberal ideals after seeing and hearing JFK in 1960, Bev has been a political activist for more than four decades. She is the owner of a blog and FB group, To Save The Country, and is President of Millions For Medicare, a progressive group working for the institution of Single Payer health care for all Americans. A grandmother to two young girls, Bev lives in Toney, AL.


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