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Vigil for Jailed Dreamers & a Clean Dream Act

Fellow Revolutionaries:

Wednesday, December 20 at 6:30 pm at Main Plaza we will have a vigil in solidarity with the seven DREAMers arrested at a sit-in at Schumer’s office, they are currently in jail on a hunger strike and at risk of deportation.

Bring candles and posters in support of a Clean Dream Act. Come ready to chant and demand that Joaquin Castro and the Democrats reject any budget deal that does not include a Clean Dream Act, we demand they take action and actively work with dreamers to pass a Clean Dream Act.

On Friday, 7 DACA recipients were arrested in Congressional offices and have been in custody since Friday night. They are calling on all of us to host solidarity vigils this week to uplift their stories and their demand for a clean Dream Act.

Every day the Dream Act does not pass, undocumented youth are at risk of detention and deportation. Thousands have already lost their work permits, jobs, and sense of safety. We need as many people as possible to show their support and vigils are a great way to mobilize a lot of people to show this broad public support.